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Specialty Hardwood Firewood

Seasoned Oak and Cherry Firewood now available here at Maggdens. Why Oak? It is the slowest of all hardwoods for burn time. Less getting up to feed the fire and a hotter burn. Great chefs know that Oak is the best and they prefer it over all other hardwoods when they cook in their kitchens. Keeping their ovens hot and at a constant heat temperature they know that their signature dishes will be perfect by using Seasoned Oak Firewood from Maggdens. Why Cherry? Cherry firewood has a distinct aroma when burning it to smoke your fish, specialty meats such as venison, sausage and prime cuts. you too can use seasoned oak in your fireplace,pizza oven or for barbecuing or smokehouse. MaggDens Seasoned Firewood in Ridgewood. Home of the original Rack wood! 580 Route 17 NORTH Ridgewood, NJ 07450 201-848-2235.

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Camping Firewood

Camp firewood and firepit firewood available at Maggdens Nursery of Ridgewood. The kickoff for summer has begun and we are ready for those summer nights when you want to light a fire in your fire pit and sit back and relax and watch the flames dance. As usual we have our racks of firewood ready to go, All you need to do is drive up, pick the rack and we will help pack up your vehicle.

Going camping? We have bundles to go that include the kindling and matches or you can pick a rack of firewood or go per piece- your choice, call us to reserve a camper's bundle.

Firewood & Firewood Delivery Service

Maggdens always stocks seasoned firewood, whether it be in racks that are here on the property or ordering seasoned half cords or seasoned full cords by phone. Call 201-848-2235 or drop on by!

Maggdens has seasoned firewood in standard split, stove sized pieces and big and hearty sizes. Do you have a wood pellet stove and need wood pellets? We have 40 pound bags ready to purchase or you can order by the pallet (1 ton). Please call for current pricing. Maggdens is located in Bergen county and will also deliver to Passaic, Morris, Essex, and surrounding counties.

Maggdens, Home of "Rack Firewood"

Firewood is a year around staple here at Maggdens, located at 580 Route 17 north in Ridgewood, N.J. If you have visited us already, you have seen the many different sized racks to accommodate your firewood needs that dot all around the nursery. As the seasons get colder, more and more racks come out. In the spring and summer, we offer wood for campfires and firepits and of course for fireplaces and wood stoves. We can deliver 1/2 cords of firewood and full cords of firewood to your home whether you would like us to dump or stack it, the choice is yours.

*** No Sales Tax on Firewood Items ***

To purchase firewood, or inquire about delivery pricing, please call 201-848-2235 or visit our Ridgewood, NJ location.