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Garden & Landscaping Supplies

Mulch - Mulch Delivery Service Available

What does mulch do? and why you should have it.

  • Overall mulch will give your landscape a uniform look. Attractive and neat in appearance.
  • Mulch Insulates your plants and trees roots. When watering in the summer mulch keeps it nice and moist. Especially in a drought situation!
  • In the winter the mulch protects like a warm woolly blanket keeping ice and snow away.
  • As the mulch breaks down over a few years, the nutrients and vitamins seep back in to soil giving your trees and shrubs a boost.
  • Holds down your soil from rain run off. 
  • Natural Mulch - A fan favorite. A nice natural warm brown- 30.00 per yd. delivery 3 yd. minimum

    Red Mulch - Not your "Bozo the Clown red". A mellow understated red. 40.00 per yd. delivery 3 yd. minimum

    Black Mulch- A stand out color. Brings your plants and shrubs to the forefront!  40.00 per yd. delivery 3 yd. minimum

    FOR DELIVERY - Please call (201) 848 - 2235

    Topsoil - Topsoil Delivery Service Available

    Our topsoil has been screened and ready for delivery. Whether you have a garden or you need your berms built up, we can have that delivery set up within 24 hours. please call 201-848-2235

    ** Landscapers please drop off your card for special pricing

    FOR DELIVERY - Please call (201) 848 - 2235

    Hardscapes - Stone Garden Scapes and Supplies

    Stop by to see our latest hardscape collections featuring breathtaking bluestone and other natural stones that are as practical as they are beautiful . Click Here to view our Hardscape page.