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MaggDen’s Quality Top Soil

Topsoil is the very basic ingredient of every landscape project, garden, and planting project. Topsoil is not just dirt, it also contains water, air, and organic material such as humus and minerals. A minimum of 3 inches of topsoil is recommended for grass, plants, trees and shrubs, giving them enough room for root survival. Call Maggdens’ for your next topsoil project.

  • Screened Topsoil

  • Garden Blend

  • Ultra Garden Blend

SHOP maggden garden center’s topsoil

Want a quality garden? It starts with quality topsoil. Just like a house, your garden needs a foundation, and choosing the right topsoil for your project will help your garden thrive. Ask our garden experts for a recommendation.

From fill to thrill. Topsoil options for all projects. Whether in need of soil to simply fill a hole or are laying the foundation for your dream garden, Maggdens’ has the right topsoil for you.

MaggDen’s Garden
Quality Top Soil

MD’s – Screened Topsoil

  • Screened Topsoil

Screened Topsoil is all-purpose topsoil that is great for general landscaping and gardening projects.

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MD’s – Garden Blend

  • Garden Blend

Maggden’s ‘Garden Blend Topsoil’ is back by demand! Our specialty ‘Garden Blend Topsoil’ offers good drainage, 25% sand, and more than 50% decomposed manure. Try the locally made ‘Garden Blend Topsoil’ your friends are talking about. Your plants will love you for it.

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MD’s – Ultra Garden Blend

  • Ultra Garden Blend Topsoil

Super nutrient-enriched garden blend soil. Rich dark organic humus mixed with topsoil and raked out 3 – 5″ inches will make a great base for all of your gardening needs. Why add laboratory chemically made additives to your vegetables that will be eaten by you when you can rake in organic matter.

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Salt Hay

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MD’s – Premium Salt Hay

We highly recommend using MaggDen’s Salt Hay when you seed your lawn rather than wheatgrass. By spreading the salt hay it will cover the grass seed, keeps the moisture in the soil, hides the grass seed from the birds.

How do I use MD’s Salt Hay?

Break the bale and flake the strands with a pitchfork. Lightly cover the area. You can also use salt hay in your vegetable garden as mulch, and in larger tufts use it in your garden paths so that your shoes don’t get muddy when it rains.


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