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Here at MaggDens Hardscapes & Garden Center of NJ hardscape services, we can create a beautiful backyard hardscape layout for you. If you are in need of hardscapes services in Nyack, NY, MaggDens Hardscapes & Garden Center of NJ does Fountains, Stone Walkways, Paver & Stepping Stones, Stepping Stones, Stone Fire Pits, Patios & Stone Decks, Driveways & Paths, Waterfalls, Stone Walls, Outdoor Kitchens, Pillars & Walls, Pool Patios, Stone Seating, Stone Stairs, Retaining Walls. MaggDens Hardscapes & Garden Center of NJ offers various types of mulch to improve the look and condition of your backyard or front yard. Mulch can help maintain moisture around plants and prevents soil erosion during rain showers. Call us today for more information and availability in Nyack, NY. You can reach us at 201-444-0155.

If you are looking for hardscaping services in Nyack, NY, MaggDens Hardscapes & Garden Center of NJ has an established history in the business of hardscaping and paver installations. We can help you with Paver & Stepping Stones, Driveways & Paths, Retaining Walls, Stepping Stones, Pool Patios, Stone Stairs, Stone Fire Pits, Fountains, Stone Walls, Patios & Stone Decks, Pillars & Walls, Stone Walkways, Waterfalls. Here at MaggDens Hardscapes & Garden Center of NJ, we can make your outdoor space beautiful and hardscape elegant. Creating a perfect unity between the two for a unique backyard look! MaggDens’s hardscape services work with you to design a hardscape backyard that fits your style, taste, and budget.

MaggDens Hardscapes & Garden Center of NJ can help you from start to finish with your fire pit and additional hardscape stone benches, walkways, and patios around it. As the warmer weather approaches, evenings are going to be getting warmer and giving you more chances to be around the fire pit outdoors. We can help you design, structure, and pave your dream fire pit! Call 201-444-0155 today to begin!

When deciding on a hardscape company in NJ, you can’t go wrong picking MaggDens Hardscapes & Garden Center. We have been in the business for many years and have provided hardscaping, garden, and paver installation services in Nyack, NY.

Best Hardscaping Services in NJ

MaggDens Hardscapes

Welcome Home

Three heavy slabs of beautiful natural rock to adorn your residence. Warm rust and brown are the color pallet to greet you when you come home. Unique colorization and formations will call out to your unique upscale bohemian style. Come see what will be your very own pieces of mother nature.

Come Around Again

Same as Come Around – only smaller. It is more intimate conversation piece but will have the same impact. Contact us for more information on come around again hardscape.


Come and relax on “Serenity”. A conversation piece in itself but also has that quality where you want to have conversations whether it be intimate or as a social gathering or just a place stretch out and reflect. The tones of color range from soft to dark muted grays. This is a four piece set and will be hand installed.


When you see this seating, you will say to yourself… How did they do that? The two pieces of stone look like they have melted into each other and that is what this was meant to be. It is as what it is called …a place to “relax”. The soft blueish gray stone will be a natural addition to your outdoor setting.


Take a huge boulder of bluestone and cut a quarter chunk out and now you have a natural seating that will seat one or two comfortably. Sit and cross your knees and do a mantra.

Come Around

Our newest bluestone seating. A semi round that will invite everyone to sit and relax. Add a fire pit or a waterfall and that will complete the ambiance. This surely will be a fabulous addition.


Garden Center

Garden Center