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Were you thinking about improving your garden or backyard? MaggDens Landscaping and Garden Center of NJ can assist you in improving your garden or house yard in Hillsdale, NJ with their plethora of knowledge in landscaping. Our team can provide the necessary tools to enhance outdoor spaces and advise how best to do it! MaggDens Landscaping and Garden Center of NJ is proud to be able to serve the New Jersey / New York metropolitan areas to teach people how to improve the appearance and quality of their outdoor property.

MaggDens Landscaping and Garden Center of NJ offers a wide assortment of garden supplies, including topsoil, fertilizer, and several types of mulch.

We carry four mulch assortments: Red Mulch, Natural Mulch, Hickory Mulch, and Black Mulch, and can be used to protect your garden or flowerbed.

MaggDens Landscaping and Garden Center of NJ can deliver our garden supplies right to you in Hillsdale, NJ to save you the time and hassle of having to pick it all up.

Our organic mulch is not only perfect to beautify your yard and garden, but it prevents erosion by protecting the topsoil as well as providing nutrients to the soil as it breaks down and decrease the number of weeds. When it comes to topsoil, MaggDens Landscaping and Garden Center of NJ has you covered in Hillsdale, NJ. We carry four specialty blends of topsoil you can choose from Fine Screened Topsoil, Garden Blend Screen Topsoil, and Ultra Garden Blend. Determine which one is best for your lawn or garden!

MaggDens Landscaping and Garden Center of NJ also carries SOD from April to October and can deliver it to your home or event location in Hillsdale, NJ within a few days to a week.

Our premium SOD is specifically formulated to withstand the climate of the Northeast. It will make your home look amazing all summer long!

We also recommend adding fertilizer and grass seed to your order to ensure a beautiful lawn. Ask about SOD installation in Hillsdale, NJ if you have a large yard or feel you will need help.

You can call in your order or utilize MaggDen’s online shopping cart to place your order for grass seed, fertilizer, mulch, SOD, or topsoil, and we will get it out on the next truck to you in Hillsdale, NJ once you’re ready. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before ordering online. Our landscaping experts are always ecstatic to extend a helping hand to ensure your order is correct.

MaggDen’s Garden To-Do List

Garden To-Do List

Snow and then more snow. If you are like me in January, I get restless and want to get outside and start gardening again. Unfortunately, the arctic-like weather is keeping us in so

  • Dig your hands into potting soil and replant your houseplants! Brightly painted glazed pots will wipe away winter doldrums.
  • Plan out your garden Maybe set aside a section for something new! Try a Bee garden to help pollinate those beautiful flowers that enhance your yard. There are so many different types of gardens. such as a fragrant garden, herb, butterfly.
  • Order now your seeds and plant trays. There is always something new!
  • If the weather breaks a little, go out to the shed and pull out the tools to make sure they are in working order. Sharpen the pruners and clean off shovels and rakes.
  • Don’t forget our feathered friends and feed them, especially now with the brutal cold and snow-covered land.

Rake all around and in between your shrubs. Last year autumn leaves have gotten caught in the branches. Tidy around steps and all along the fence line.

After your spring-flowering bulbs have flowered and died, let them wither and turn brown completely! The food that was stored in the leaves and stems go back into the bulb for next years bloom.

Fertilize your lawn. There are a lot of different commercial blends out there to choose from. Do you have a fireplace and only burn hardwoods? Burned firewood (wood ash) contains twenty-five percent calcium carbonate. (liming material) Because wood ash is extra fine, the material will saturate into the grass easily. Do not overdo, wood ash is extremely alkaline and too much of a good thing can do more harm than help.

Have a beer! (for the slugs) pour into shallow dish near your newly planted shrubs. The next day throws out drunken dead slugs.

Plant your summer-loving bulbs now for beautiful color in a few months!

Check your rose bushes. Look for black spots and mildew. Remove any leaves that have any spots and wash away mildew with a good rose wash.

Rake in rich organic topsoil in your shrubs and around the trees. Top off with 2-3 inches of mulch to give your landscape a finished look and to protect the roots against summer heat.

The weather is starting to get warmer and it’s great to get outside and get things done. That being said, we’re off to Mays to-do list. Get the lawnmower prepped by having it serviced for a tune-up.

If the mower is fairly new, just sharpen the blades and check oil and gas reservoirs

Did you finish planting your summer bulbs? Get them in the ground now before it gets too warm. Make it difficult for critters getting to the bulbs by throwing gravel on top. They dislike digging into things that are sharp.

Now is the time to fertilize fertilize fertilize!! Your rose plants need a 10-10-10 fertilizer, BUT only after their first bloom than repeat every 4-6 weeks.

All of your flowering and fruit-bearing trees need a higher phosphorous fertilizer 10-60-10 that will give you more flowers later on. The spring-flowering shrubs like rhododendrons need acid-based fertilizer.

Now is the time to plant your herbs, basil chives. sage and thyme.

Map out where your annuals will go. Make sure that you are clear of any frost nights. Growing up in the northeast we always waited till Mother’s day when we knew for sure that we were out of danger. Pinch back your annuals when they go beyond 4-6 inches. Will make them fuller.

Your trees and shrubs are thirsty after a long winter, water deeply and infrequently, The roots run deep and wide and it takes time for the water to spread and go down deep. If you do short spurts you are only watering the surface soil.

Wasting water and your time. Invest in a soaker hose and timer. If you have a deck, check for loose nails repair.

Air out the patio cushions, umbrellas. Mend the screen doors now before you really need them.

Not sure if I should build an ark or strap a fan on my back! Rain or heat both can wreak havoc in the garden and can be equally as bad.
Let’s start with rain and the excess water.

Unfortunately, your container pots fill and the potting soil that you lovingly wrapped around those beautiful annuals are spilling out by the gallon!

Spill any excess rainwater off and let dry for a day or two then amend the soil with some fertilizer as a lot of nutrients got washed away.

Any standing water should be spilled as it can be the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Weeds seem to grow twice as fast after a good rain, don’t they? The ones that you can reach, pull because of it so much easier when the soil is wet. But the interior weeds you should wait a day or two. The reasoning is that when you step into your garden since the ground is spongy, your shrub and plant roots are vulnerable to being crushed and compacting the soil as you step down.

Too much sun on your plants is like you getting sunburn. As you have tissue and cells so do your plants. Make a shaded area for your vegetables made from sheeting and wood stakes. When you get weather that will be constant full sun and no clouds for days you will want to protect them. Make the stakes at least 4-6 inches higher than your plants so that the bees can still pollinate the flowers.

Hydrate your plants in the early AM. Give them long drinks of water making sure that the water has saturated the soil and root. When you see the water run out right away means that the soil was dry and not holding the water. Go back in a few minutes to make sure it has saturated. Watering in the late evening may promote mildew. Watering in the AM will ensure the plants well being with the sun evaporating excess water sitting on its leaves and stems.

Mulch your garden. It will not only help keep the weeds down but also protect the plant’s roots by insulating them with moisture. So when you water the paper will absorb the water. There are several methods for vegetable gardens. The one that I like is strips of newspaper and straw, Will the newspaper print harm vegetables? Most inks these days are soy-based so you will be fine. Stay away from the glossy mag stuff tho. Grass clippings also would be fine. A good thick layer around each plant. Holds moisture and add a bit of nitrogen.

More MaggDen’s Products

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MaggDens Garden Center

MD’s – Peat Moss

  • Can be used to reseed lawns

  • Perfect for plants, flowers and vegetables

SHOP MD’s Garden Center Peat Moss

Jonathan Green
Seed Starter Fertilizer

  • 5,000 Square Feet of coverage

  • Fertilizer analysis: 12-18-8

  • High phosphorus formula helps to develop deep, dense roots

  • Apply the same day as seeding or sodding

SHOP MD’s Garden Center Seed Starter Fertilizer

Jonathan Green
Mix Grass Seed

  • Our best selling grass seed mixture

  • Grows well in either full sun or partial shade

  • Naturally insect and disease resistant

  • Fills in bare spots and thickens the entire lawn

SHOP MD’s Garden Center Mix Grass Seed

Salt Hay

SHOP MD’s Premium Salt Hay

MD’s – Premium Salt Hay

We highly recommend using MaggDen’s Salt Hay when you seed your lawn rather than wheatgrass. By spreading the salt hay it will cover the grass seed, keeps the moisture in the soil, hides the grass seed from the birds.

How do I use MD’s Salt Hay?

Break the bale and flake the strands with a pitchfork. Lightly cover the area. You can also use salt hay in your vegetable garden as mulch, and in larger tufts use it in your garden paths so that your shoes don’t get muddy when it rains.