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What does mulch do? and why you should have it.

  • Overall mulch will give your landscape a uniform look. Attractive and neat in appearance.
  • Mulch Insulates your plants and trees roots. When watering in the summer mulch keeps it nice and moist. Especially in a drought situation!
  • In the winter the mulch protects like a warm woolly blanket keeping ice and snow away.
  • As the mulch breaks down over a few years, the nutrients and vitamins seep back in to soil giving your trees and shrubs a boost.
  • Holds down your soil from rain run off.
shop maggden garden center’s mulch

Why mulch?
Conserve and keep the water where it is needed. Because we live in the northeast sometimes we get caught in that loop of drought each year. Mulch keeps and holds the moisture down below where it is important- at the roots. Water conservation is key in every household. Why let valuable water dribble away or evaporate? 2-3 inches of mulch will protect your trees, plants, and shrubs valuable root system.

Feed your plants
As mulch breaks down, the mulch contains valuable vitamins and nutrients. If you do have mulch- freshen it up by adding to it. A total of 3 inches is recommended. Weeding is a back-breaking exercise that I personally don’t enjoy so by mulching your floral garden, trees, and shrubs you will suppress those little meanies!

MaggDen’s Garden
Mulch Variety

MD’s – Natural Mulch

  • Natural Mulch

Natural – no dye. Just as nature intended. A true Maggden’s favorite. Since our natural mulch has no dye, you will enjoy a variety of earthy wood tones. It is great for those who want the most natural feel and the dollars you save can go towards some beautiful flowers.


MD’s – Hickory Mulch

  • Hickory Mulch

Want a natural look, but are looking for something a bit deeper? Let us introduce you to our brown mulch. Our brown mulch is dyed a rich, chocolate brown and works well in traditional and modern garden designs. A great option to give your garden a little style, and it will appease all who say “anything but red mulch.”

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MD’s – Red Mulch

  • Red Mulch

Ah, red mulch – either you love it or hate it. It is a garden show-stopper with its rich red color that really brightens up a garden. For those who are thinking that it is the color of that “Bozo the Clown Red” mulch people often buy from a big box store – breathe – not our red much. Our red mulch features our signature color mixture to make a beautiful deep earthy red that is not overpowering. Come see for yourself!

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MD’s – Black Mulch

  • Black Mulch

Nothing says drama and quite like our black mulch. The high contrast between the black mulch and greenery makes the colors appear bolder. Black mulch is an element often featured in contemporary gardens as it highlights elements in a minimalist design. And with a little imagination, our black mulch can create the contrast with bold colored flowers to remind you of your tropical getaway.

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