Residential Landscaping NJ and Residential Gardening in River Vale, NJ

Do you want to improve your house yard or garden? MaggDens Landscaping and Garden Center of NJ can help in River Vale, NJ. Our company is a garden center, full-service landscaping company, and nursery. We have the knowledge to provide to recommend the necessary items, tools, and advice to enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor space. We are proudly serving the New Jersey / New York metropolitan area and are ready to help people improve the quality and appearance of their outdoor spaces!

MaggDens Landscaping and Garden Center of NJ offers a wide assortment of garden supplies, including topsoil, fertilizer, and several types of mulch.

Our mulch comes in 4 varieties: Hickory Mulch, Black Mulch, Natural Mulch, and Red Mulch, and can be utilized to preserve your flowerbed or garden.

MaggDens Landscaping and Garden Center of NJ can deliver our garden supplies right to you in River Vale, NJ to save you the time and hassle of having to pick it all up.

Our organic mulch is not only perfect to beautify your yard and garden, but it prevents erosion by protecting the topsoil as well as providing nutrients to the soil as it breaks down and decrease the number of weeds. When it comes to topsoil, MaggDens Landscaping and Garden Center of NJ has you covered in River Vale, NJ. We carry four specialty blends of topsoil you can choose from Fine Screened Topsoil, Garden Blend Screen Topsoil, and Ultra Garden Blend. Determine which one is best for your lawn or garden!

MaggDens Landscaping and Garden Center of NJ also carries SOD from Spring to Fall and can be delivered to your home or venue in River Vale, NJ in one to seven days.

Our premium SOD is primarily designed to withstand the northeast climate and make your home alluring all summer long!

To make sure the lawn is perfect, we recommend adding manure and weed seeds to your order. Ask us about installing SOD if you have a large yard or feel you need help.

When you are ready, you can call to place your order or use the MaggDens Landscaping and Garden Center of NJ online shopping cart to buy manure, grass seeds, mulch, topsoil, or SOD, and we will pack your items up on the truck near you in River Vale, NJ. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before ordering online. Our landscaping experts are always ecstatic to extend a helping hand to ensure your order is correct.