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450 Pieces of Firewood

Our firewood is cut to a modern-day size of approximately 18″ to 20″.

If you have a small boxed fireplace, our Shorties are for you! They are cut in shorter 16″ lengths.

Double splits – which are cut lengthwise – are also available.

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Full Cord Firewood is delivered to your door and the driver will take care of the firewood for you. The driver will stack the logs nicely in your designated area for firewood.

Hardwood gives you a longer burn for your money.

Hardwood such as oak, ash, birch and hickory burn at a higher degree of heat than the softwood such as pine or cedar. To get the most out of your campfire be sure to use hardwood in your fires. MaggDens is happy to provide firewood delivery services in New Jersey.

Get Your Firewood Restocked Today!
To get the cleanest and most effecient burn from your firewood, you need to have your firewood moisture level 20% and below. That is why MaggDens keeps their firewood in a greenhouse that helps with low moisture content on the firewood. MaggDen’s firewood is aged and dried in the green house for six months to a year depending on the wood type. Order your firewood delivery today!


Firewood Delivery Services in New Jersey
For the best burning firewood, we recommended most hardwood types such as ash wood, beech wood, hickory wood, cherry oak wood, oak wood, and maple wood. The wood has to be dried, seasoned, and aged for the best burning efficiency. MaggDen’s firewood is the best in New Jersey, and we age our firewood from six months to one year in our firewood storage greenhouse. This will help provide you with the cleanest and most efficient burn of any of our hardwood types—Call 201-848-2235 for fast firewood delivery services in New Jersey.


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